Laugh the Day Away

Laughter is the medicine for all the illnesses in the world. Having a good sense of humor is a great thing to have. I’ve been told on more than one occasion I have a great laugh. A funny laugh. A one of a kind laugh. My life is way more comedy than tragedy. And after any so-called tragedy this world throws at me I’ll still find a way to poke fun of it, laugh, and infect others with joy.

Honestly, (and I do hope this is many years from now) I hope people laugh at my funeral. The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked, “When I die I want everyone to have a good time! At my funeral I want them to roll me out like a big, six foot party sub!” I want people to tell stories, happy stories, about life, not about death, when I’m gone. Then I want them all to go out and toast drinks to my memory. If anyone does cry I hope their tears contain not merely sorrow, but also joy for a life well lived.

Laughs have life in them. When two are laughing together they’re reminded of why they’re friends in the first place. Melancholy can take a one way train out of the station. Laughter and happiness travel all around the world. I smile and laugh like I mean it. I live my life on purpose, with love steering the wheel, as an epic adventure!

As a kid my brother would tell me I laughed in my sleep. My laughter woke him up and freaked him out. I’ve heard of people sleepwalking. But who laughs in their sleep? I believe I’ve somehow lost the talent over the years. It’s okay. I laugh all of my waking hours away!

Feel free to laugh today. And every following day. I’ll tell my favorite stories about you when you leave this old world behind. Everyone will start joyfully laughing about how awesome you were. And please do tell a happy story about me, have a good time, and keep on laughing when I’m rolled out like a six foot party sandwich. 


3 thoughts on “Laugh the Day Away

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