Songs I Don’t Sing Along To

I don’t sing along to sad songs. Sorrow is a part of the human experience. However, the human experience need not be defined by melancholy or despair. To be in right relationship to my neighbor and right relationship to Christ saves me from traveling down desperation road. Life is wonderfully beautiful.

Yet there is such sorrow in our world and in individuals lives. How do we deal with the hard times and tragedies? Are we to become calloused? This can happen so easily if one isn’t careful. Often I think the easy road is to give up or give in while letting sorrow win. But what if the difficult road is the one that leads us home to joy?

There isn’t much I have control over in the grand scheme of life. One thing I do have control over is my attitude. I choose to see the best in others while keeping on the bright side of life. Sometimes when a situation really sucks I’ll find a way out back toward happiness or a less troubling situation. Call it optimism or call it hope. Attitude makes a difference and I choose to have a good one always.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar twelve years ago I chose to continue to have a joyful life. My father told me, “It’s not a dead end son; it’s only a speed bump.” I could’ve sung a lot of sad songs and I still could. At times perhaps it would be easier. But the difficult road has been good to me.

Life is wonderfully beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Songs I Don’t Sing Along To

  1. We must never give up on hope. I like that you made your challenge a spring board for enjoying life instead of whining and complaining or even wallowing in self pity. Really encouraging. I pray that you continue to be strengthened and do have a beautiful life.

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