The Joy of the Future, Present and Past

It’s a joy to reminisce about childhood happy memories and treasures from the past. I’m a saver. I save stuff that others often throw away. Movie stubs have been a collectible item for me since around age fourteen. I’ve saved Christmas, birthday, friendship, get-well cards and postcards since age nineteen. My mom saved stamp books for me from 1984 through 1991. I was born in 1984. She must’ve known I’d be a saver before I did. Recently I got a new battery for an old watch. When the new battery was added, and the watch started keeping time again, the jeweler informed me the date had read 1994. It was a gift on my tenth birthday! I love talking about old times and bringing out treasures from the days of growing up.

To live in the moment is a beautiful way to travel through life. Living in the moment for me isn’t about risky behavior. No, it’s all about rejoicing while knowing that no other day quite like this one will ever happen again. To rejoice in all situations is the only life I care to live.

So I’ll keep on saving Polaroids, making friends, collecting movie stubs, cherishing all cards given, working on my record collection, placing stamps in their books and I’ll keep treasuring the past while living in the present. In the future I’ve no doubt I’ll continue to live this way.

Live in the present, select the greatest hits collection from your past to reminisce about, and look forward to future dreams come true.


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