Love, Humility and the Human Heart

Love changes the human heart. A soul without love at its core is running on the wrong stuff. It could be said the man is headed in the wrong direction or that his soul is on empty. If I’m to love my neighbor as myself then I must believe both of us have equal worth. It takes humility and hard work to truly practice unconditional love. Spiritual pride has zero interest in unconditional love. This pride looks down instead of up. It’s flooded with hatred of neighbor and hatred of self. It puts others in the wrong, it makes excuses for wicked behavior and it darkens one’s soul. Love and humility look up while seeking to find the good in others and life itself. Love doesn’t fail.

Be a lover and change this world for the better! Treat others with respect and kindness. Refuse to settle for darkness in payment of other darkness. Light chases away the darkness like love overcomes hate.

I’ve traveled wrong roads in my lifetime and they always took me to places I didn’t really care to stay. Authentic love is the greatest gift you can give this world. Authentic love is the greatest gift I can give this world. Love changes all human hearts.

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