Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

The Christmas season has made its yearly appearance once again! I confess I’m 33 going on 13 when it comes to my love and adoration of all of the wonderful stuff this holiday season means to me. The day after Thanksgiving through December 31 values the stuff I value highly all of my days.

I’ve been spinning my Christmas records and I already read a Christmas novella by Fredrik Backman. It’s titled “The Deal of a Lifetime” and I absolutely recommend it. Soon I plan to read some Charles Dickens Christmas stories. I’ve been picking up presents and passing them out. Once again I celebrated Robert Sabuda’s pop-up cards by special ordering them and sending them out to some of my greatest friends. I’m certain there’ll be Christmas parties soon with assortments of cookies and possibly eggnog. Although Christmas is more to me than records, books, possible eggnog, passing out presents and cards, and a variety of delicious cookies.

Christmas to me is also about an incredible story of a baby boy born of a virgin in a manger who would two thousand years later save my life. I believe in Jesus and the Christian story and my Bible that’s taught me to play the role of the wise man instead of the fool I once was.

When I get my eggnog this season I’ll toast it to my neighbor and my Savior. If you prefer the words, “Merry Christmas” then I now wish you a merry Christmas. If you prefer to hear, “Happy Holidays” then I now sincerely hope you have the happiest of holidays. Whatever you believe and whatever this season means to you I hope it finds you joyful and sharing that joy with absolute strangers and the best of friends.

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