My Wholehearted Aim for 2018

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a new year’s resolutions. This is the year I’m going to write every day, this is the year I’m going to read one book per week, this is the year I’ll finally lose fifteen pounds and this is the year for so many new goals and high standards to be met by me. I’m tempted to make these new year’s resolutions, but I know by January 15th I will have broken all of them.

Having said that I’ll now say what I truly aim for in 2018. I aim to live this new year primarily like I lived the old one. I aim to smile and laugh wholeheartedly. I aim to treat my neighbor as I wish to be treated. I aim to preach the gospel with my life actions and use words when words are necessary. I aim to write good stories. I aim to live a good story. I aim to drink a craft beer here and a craft beer there. I aim to make the world a better place. I aim to continue to be the man I’ve been since age eighteen and I aim to live free.

If you’re living a life you love then I advise you not to worry too much about new year’s resolutions. Just keep being yourself. Remember also that resolutions can be made any new day of any old year. The defining days and moments of my life have never occurred on December 31st or January 1st.

This day I make my resolution for all of my tomorrows to keep on living the life I lived yesterday.

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