Share Your Talent Boldly

One of my favorite quotes from my favorite author Ray Bradbury is as follows: “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” I enjoy fiction immensely. I’m a reader and I have been since I was in my late teens. Also around the first year of college I decided to try my talent at fiction writing. I’ve since been published a few times and written a good deal of other works that are unpublished.

The beauty in the fiction world is that it’s whatever the author desires it to be. Anyone who’s read my short stories would verify that I write happy stories. The great teachers have always said to write what you know. There’s so much sorrow in so many lives. If I can bring joy to anyone through the art of fiction, while entertaining them and causing them to smile, then I’ve done my job well.

But back to the Bradbury quote. Should the writer truly immerse himself so much in his writings that he stays “drunk on writing?” I believe the writer can and should do this. If one has a talent that could make this world a better place then they ought not toss it out like last week’s leftover lasagna. Human beings should share their talents boldly!

Sadly, I don’t as of yet write every new day. Although I want to get to this point of discipline. I have no excuse for not writing on a daily basis. Perhaps I’ve been lazy or sold myself short up to this point. With discipline I can write more and escape reality in a small way while hopefully enriching the lives of my readers.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you’ll cheer me on as I aspire to chase my dream wholeheartedly. I cheer you on as well, if you’re a writer, to take Ray Bradbury’s advice to heart. Chase your dream with drunken gusto!

Celebrate your talent!


11 thoughts on “Share Your Talent Boldly

  1. I stay drunk on writing. It sobers my thoughts. Fortunately I am retired, so I have much time for thought and writing.

    In today’s super speeded lifestyles it is difficult to maintain a writing routine. I wrote all my blogs via my cell.

    I write all my books on my phone – using WordPress – I save them as draft blogs and then transfer them to my desktop where I edit and publish as novels using Apache OpenOffice (they have beautiful and easy to use templates, Kindle ready)

    This gives me the advantage of writing on buses, in restaurants and basically where ever I am.

    I then publish on Kindle Direct Publishing in both paperback and digital form.

    Be prepared to not expect great monetary rewards at first. Many authors make little money until your name and works get out there. Eventually you can make a meager living with the right promotions and constant self promotion.

    But, don’t overdo pushing your works. It will be detrimental and cause loss of royalties. No one cares for pushy advertising.

    KDP has many avenues and such to get your work noticed. Some cost involved but soon pays for itself.

    You can skip the psud specialized help if you have access to other means of promotion.

    I enjoy making money, but I write my works to sooth my overactive mind and quell my demons.

    I tell my stories for the readers, so they may take knowledge from my various lives.

    Get drunk, get an organized routine and listen to Mr. Bradbury.

    After all, we are all Strangers in a Strange Land.

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