A Blessing in Disguise

The idea of blessings in disguise fascinates me. It’s interesting whenever a horrible thing or experience helps lead to something wonderful. Our human family overcomes remarkable odds on a regular basis. Many of us must journey through serious darkness before we become flooded with light. I imagine a lot of people who believe in heaven had to travel through hellish circumstances before they looked up and believed.

I was born with bipolar disorder. This disease of the mind, according to statistics I’ve read, kills thirty to forty percent of those of us who have it. The cause of death is suicide. Life might’ve been a whole lot easier if I’d been born with a mind without a disease. Easier, however, doesn’t equal better. I’ve fought hard throughout my life story. I’ve fought hard to become a good man. I’ve fought hard in my Christian faith and prayer life and Bible studying. I’ve fought hard to comprehend and attain joy. I’ve fought hard to keep smiling sincere smiles. Bipolar has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to overcome.

The beautiful part about overcoming a life threatening disease of the mind is the freedom that follows. I feel blessed in my life. Freedom, for me, is about thinking with my heart instead of my mind. My heart doesn’t have the disease my mind has. More people should think with their hearts if their hearts are in the right place toward themselves and their fellow life travelers. Without bipolar I never would’ve been forced to rely so much on my heart instead of my head. This is why I believe bipolar has been the truly great blessing in disguise in my life story.

3 thoughts on “A Blessing in Disguise

  1. This hymn comes to mind can’t remember all the lines but here it is :
    In the hollow of his hands
    I am saved whatever maybe tide me… In the hollow of his hands”.
    May the mighty hand of the most high carry you and may you experience peace. Stay strong and blessed.

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