Life Dreams

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me about my life goals. I feel like my life is complete and I’m content with the way things are. So when she asked me the question I didn’t have much of an answer. However, now I think I’ll write about ten things that I’d like to experience in my lifetime. These could be called life dreams. Perhaps I’ll chase some of them and perhaps some of them will chase me. Here I go.

10. I’d like to be paid for my writing. A five dollar check for a short story sold would be like solid gold to me. I’ve been published before but I’ve yet to be paid for my work. It would be highly cool to go from an amateur writer to professional.

9. I’d like to read 2,000 books. I’m currently at 556 read. After one book is finished I immediately start another. This life dream is absolutely attainable.

8. I’d like to visit Australia because it’s always seemed like such a cool place.

7. I’d like to live many years after retirement. Retirement of course is also a long way away. I want to keep the celebrations of life going long after the responsibility of a daily seven and a half hour job is finished.

6. I’d like to know I’ve made this world a better place by being myself.

5. I’d like to be the best Christian I can possibly be.

4. I’d like to be a hero in many small ways. If the calling arises I’d like to be a hero in a major way. Although to be heroic in small ways I believe is equivalent to being recognized as a major hero.

3. I’d like to tell the world about Christ Jesus. For those who don’t want to hear that story I want to wholeheartedly respect their views while valuing their worldview.

2. I’d like to attain an old age while growing in wisdom and freedom the entire journey through.

1. I’d like to marry the most beautiful woman on the most wonderful of days. I’m complete in my singleness but it would be a gift from God to find a virtuous woman to be my best friend and spend the rest of my life with side by side.

Thank you for reading about my life dreams. I hope you find yours and yours find you.

5 thoughts on “Life Dreams

  1. As I get older I have to be careful to not become jaded and cynical, knowing you helps me a lot in that struggle, you are more of a hero than you know! Dreams come true brother, keep walking the walk!

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