Time Travel Adventures

I enjoy time travel. Memories from fun times in the past live on whenever old friends and I reminisce about them. Photographs and travel journal entries also help me in my time travel adventures. Occasionally I’ll play an old Nintendo game on a new Retron game system that plays my video games from the 1980’s. Another way I time travel is through my recent collection of vinyl records. I’ve collected around fifty of them over the last few years. I travel to the past while I live in the present and dream of the future.

A secret to living a joyful and remarkable life is to live in the present as much as possible. If I’m out for coffee with a friend I’m one hundred percent there with interest in them and our conversation. Whenever I’m at work I put all of my best efforts into doing my jobs to the best of my ability. If I’m out at a concert or a movie I am all in for the festivities. I don’t look for tomorrow to be better than today because today is where I dwell.

But I look back on the past with all of its happiness and pain. The pain I’ve learned many lessons from. Some roads that were dead ends I don’t travel down anymore. The roads where I went the extra mile and found beautiful, happy moments I relive in my heart often. The good times in my lifetime have far outweighed the bad.

The future will be a whole lot of wonderful because today was wonderful. I always want the happiest day of my life to be today. If my eyes are full, bursting, with wonder then life will always be spectacular.

So I enjoy time travel to today, yesterdays, and all of my tomorrows. I’ll take some records for the journey. Then I’ll take my Polaroid camera. I won’t forget my backpack or my travel journal I’ve written in since 2008. I’ll keep telling stories, writing stories, reminiscing about stories with the greatest of friends and dreaming with eyes open.

And in my time travel adventures I might even ask for an old typewriter as a Christmas present this year.

3 thoughts on “Time Travel Adventures

  1. I have hundreds of vinyls and even more old 78s….but somehow, they never grow old.

    P.S. I also own an old typewriter, but haven’t used it for years and will probably never use it again. Time marches on.

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