The Remedy of Joy

Love is the most appropriate word for how I feel about Christmastime. I’m in love with the cards and the parties and the candlelight Christmas Eve service and the days off of work and, honestly, the entire season. December twenty-fifth doesn’t excite me as much as the twenty-four days leading up to it, but I enjoy it as well.

Some people become depressed around this time of year. As a man who has manic depression I sympathize and have empathy. This world’s darkness is all too real. However, what is that old, inspirational quote? “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” Be that candle this season for someone else. Shine through kindness and love. Joy is the ultimate remedy for melancholy and depression.

The reason I love this season so passionately is because I live it the other eleven months of the year too. The best that Christmas has to offer isn’t limited to one month out of twelve. The remedy of joy is something I must dose up on daily along with my Abilify and Lamotrogine.

A life lived with love and joy is as bright and beautiful and necessary as the light of the candle amidst the darkness. Shine all new days that your life gives you. Have happy holidays and a joyful season and a wonderful life.


3 thoughts on “The Remedy of Joy

  1. “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”
    I have known, for a very long time, as a psychotherapist, that people seeking therapy, were not the ones who needed it the most.
    I salute you. I honor you. You are brave. And honest. And I am so happy you know you live in the light.

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