I Refuse to Sing the Blues Over Bipolar Although “Blues Over Bipolar” Could be a Catchy Song Title

A good friend of mine was once telling me about a professional athlete who’d recently been open about having bipolar disorder. My friend asked me, “Do you think it’s hard to be in professional sports and have mental illness?” I replied, “It’s hard to just be a human being and have mental illness.” I’ve known I had bipolar since I was the young age of 19. Although I’ve had bipolar since April 12, 1984, my birthday.

I refuse to sing the blues over bipolar. And I hope you refuse to sing sad songs without hope about whatever ails you as well. Yes, it is hard to be a human being with mental illness. But it’s difficult for all of us to be good humans, full of humanity and love, to ourselves and to our fellow mankind.

What doesn’t destroy us makes us weaker. What makes us weaker causes us to look for outside strength. Whenever outside strength is truly sought it is then truly found. Christ saved and preserves my life. I’ve failed many times in my walk of Christian faith. Failure is a part of practicing Christianity. Grace gets me through, got me through, and will continue to carry me home.

Some Christians believe that mental illness is a thing to cast out or lay on hands over. I’m all for prayer for strength and perseverance with manic-depression. I am absolutely not for anyone laying their hands on me to cast anything out. I have nothing to be cast out. I have medicine, faith, hope, love and joy to the fullest. My Abilify and Lamotrigine I take daily like I say prayers daily.

Whatever ails you, whatever mountain you have to climb, I am cheering for you. The mountaintop is attainable! Don’t give up or lose heart. If I as a man with bipolar can have unshakeable joy then you can face your giants too. Life isn’t supposed to be lived melancholy or with sadness.

So rejoice!

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