Practice Love and Stay Strong

Love is the strongest force I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been studying the Holy Bible for over seventeen years. There’s a lot of passages about love in those 66 books and 2,000 pages. It is the love of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost that has carried me this far and made my life beautiful.

Fear is a strong force. Sin also has great strength. Hatred has its powers too. The person I have hated the most and loved the most in my lifetime is the same person. Christ Jesus was and is and will always be His name.

I used to hear the Christian idea of love isn’t based on emotion. This idea used to be foolishness to my ears. When I was playing the part of the fool I had no time or interest in true love. When I grew in wisdom and love and faith it dawned upon me that true love truly isn’t based on my emotions. Rather it’s an act of my will and desire to love my neighbor as myself while also loving my God with all I’ve got in me.

The love of God saved me as a boy, turned me into a man, and has kept me on a path more beautiful than any road I could’ve imagined without faith. Love drove hate out from my soul like only true love can. If you have this strong force of love in your heart then let it shine now and always for the benefit of others and yourself.

When love grows many other of life’s problems shrink. Loneliness sulks away. Hatred gives up its ghost. Anger throws in the towel at the fight. Greed transforms to generosity. Frowning faces have something to smile about. Suicidal thoughts die and are not resurrected. Eternal life is on the way and is the way.

Practice love and stay strong!


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