Celebrate With Gusto!

Last Friday, on the twelfth of April, I arrived at the age of 35. I believe birthdays are special and to be celebrated with gusto! The incredible people in my life seem to agree with me because many made a big deal out of my birthday. So here is the story of some of the happenings on last Friday and Saturday.

For starters on Friday I took the day off of work to make for a three day birthday weekend. Mom and Dad and I had lunch at The Tasting Room at Walker’s Bluff with a couple of bottles of wine. After returning home from a delicious lunch consisting of pizza and tacos and wine I was in need of slumber. I took the birthday nap because I had to rest for the evening festivities. It was a good nap.

After waking the next plan was to meet my friends at Keepers Quarters, a fantastic restaurant in Carbondale, at 6:00. We had a party of 11! I feel like at age 35 when a man can still find 10 friends who want to celebrate his birthday with him this is a great thing. The company and the food and the drinks and the laughs at Keepers Quarters was all excellent fun. There was even a short after party of drinks at The Undergound restaurant down the road from Keepers Quarters. I am all about a great after party!

On Saturday I celebrated with my parents and brother in St. Louis. We went to a mall we have long enjoyed that has a movie theater that shows independent style movies. The movie I saw with Mom is titled The Chaperone. I award it five stars! My dad and brother went to see a film titled Diane. While at the mall I treated myself to a new green shirt from the Untuckit store. It’s a polo and I find it to be quite cool. Then we all went to dinner at a restaurant called 58 Hundred. We had been there back in November for my brother’s birthday. It didn’t disappoint us that time and this time was the same sort of story.

Facebook recorded that 150 people wished me a happy birthday this year. Although I know that between text messages and verbal happy birthday wishes the number was well over 200! So thanks to everyone for all of the joy shared with me last weekend!

Live your life with gusto!


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