Skip Class and Don’t Buy the Book

Once I heard a fellow writer asked the question, “Who do you write for?” That writer replied, “Myself.” If the only person a writer is going to write for is their self then perhaps they should only write in personal journals. I believe a writer ought to write for their readers and for their self. The author needs an audience to appreciate or learn from their words. Readers need writers and vice versa. I don’t want my writings to be for myself; I want them to be for others to enjoy.

There is the saying about how some writers want to have written more than they want to sit down and write. I find this to be sad. Although I understand the saying. It can be difficult work to create something. Any artist is often prone to being their worst critic. Many with great talent compare their work to the work of others in the past or present. What a colossal waste of time! I do not want to compare my writings to anyone else’s. I love the works of the author, Ray Bradbury, but I don’t want to be the next Ray Bradbury. There was only one of him just like there is only one of me. In the sport of basketball I recall how some fans used to look for the next Michael Jordan. But there was only one who’ll ever play the game like him. I aim to be myself because I would be lousy at attempting to be like anybody else.

I aspire to get into the habit of writing blogs or fiction on a daily basis. The voice of doubt that states this isn’t possible needs to be ignored or overcome. Often the final person to believe in us and our talents is ourselves. The greatest way to study the science of selling yourself short is to simply skip that class and not to buy the book.

Life is busy with work and social events and friends and family outings and coffee and beer and laughter and joy and an abundance of other wonders under the sun. In the busyness of life I aspire to begin creating more frequently for the benefit of those whom my words might touch in a wonderful way. In my busy life I want to slow down and ponder what makes life beautiful. Then I hope to share this beauty with my readers. All of us could benefit from slowing down a bit. I hope we make time for the stuff we love and allow our talents to spread joy to others and that we feel joy ourselves in return.

Create! Write on! Whatever you love to create do it wholeheartedly. Good stuff will happen if we don’t give up.

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