The Key of the Kind-Hearted

Kindness is a key to unlocking the joy in life. I’ve never regretted offering a kind word to someone who might have needed it at the time. I have absolutely regretted a mean word spoken or an unnecessary gossip that leapt off of my tongue. If a man is mean to others then I guarantee he is also mean to himself. How sad this is! Life isn’t supposed to be gone through with hatred and mean spiritedness. The darkness in our world is real, but light conquers darkness every new day.

As a youth I could not find many people in my life who were truly kind-hearted. So I decided to grow up and become kind-hearted again like I had been as a young boy. I had and continue to have a lot of help from Christ Jesus. I aspire to live my life story on the highway of the extra mile. Life is much sweeter whenever we go this extra distance. Sometimes it is easy to be mean or to give in to the darkness. However, I enjoy a difficult challenge. The struggle to always repay meanness with kindness is a true battle. I hope to always show up for this war.

If you want to have more joy in your life I highly suggest being kind without any hope of anything good in return. If I am only kind to those who seem to like, or love, me then I haven’t done much of anything remarkable. If I am kind to strangers then is when I’ve gone the extra mile. If I am kind to someone who has been rude to me then I have taken a journey I did not have to take. If I forgive someone who hurt me deeply then perhaps I am like my hero, Jesus.

Kindness is worth pursuing. Selfishness has never made me happy or brought me laughter or joy. Let’s unlock all of the joy life has to offer.


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