The Secret to Making Friends

A great thing to become is a good friend. People want loyal, or good, friends. We want others to accept and love us just as we are. We want others to laugh and share joy with. If we are in a mental institution or a prison we want our friends to show up and be there for us. If we are depressed we want somebody who’ll stick by our side or offer an encouraging word. If we are drowning we need a brave soul to jump ship and save our helpless selves. People need one another; people need loyal friends.

Do we know how to be a loyal friend? Is it better to be a good friend or to have another be a good friend to us? There is truly so little I have control over in this world. I do not have the skills to make anyone be my friend. I don’t have the power to make anybody like me. Friendships are gifts. Sometimes one of the two members of the friendship club decides to take their gift back. This is sad and true. I believe it is better to be a good friend than to journey through life wishing or praying or hoping that others will be good friends to us. I have power over my attitude, smile, friendliness and love I choose to share with others. I am powerless concerning the return of these gifts from another.

I read some encouraging words recently that stated something about how we should be the type of people we needed when we were younger. As kids we all needed an adult to show us kindness. We certainly were not receiving this kindness from the majority of our peers. As adults we still need kindness.

Be an unconditional good friend. Don’t worry about making an awesome first impression with strangers. Be yourself. Be friendly. Share a smile. When we want everybody to be friendly to us it leads to discouragement and sorrow. A lot of people don’t run on friendliness. They are too preoccupied with pessimism and seeing this world as a dark place. These individuals might need a kind word from you more than you need it from them. Share your kindness.

If we want to have many friends then we should be friendly first. Life and friendships within it honestly just don’t work the other way.

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