A Green Hoodie and Pumpkin Ale

The seasons change at midnight. Tomorrow is the first day of fall. I enjoy the temperatures of spring and fall more than the bitter cold of winter and the scorching heat of summer. I like my weather to be on the less extreme side. I am excited about this fall season!

With fall my hoodies are brought out from their closet once again. Also pumpkin ales are in the grocery and liquor stores. Then there’s the fancy pumpkin coffee beverages at the coffeehouses. And, of course, my father’s birthday lands in the late October country each year. Later arrives Thanksgiving break. The falling of the leaves from the trees in fall I also enjoy. Yes, fall is my kind of season.

In my life story I hope to be living in the season of summer. I turned 35 back in April. Summer seemed to begin around age 18 when I overcame the pain of growing up. I have zero desire to return to the spring season. High school was not the best days of my life; those days were the most trying and difficult days in my story. Growing up is tough on many. It was tougher yet on me.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar at age 19 it was a game changer of sorts. My father said what I had gone through was a speed bump and not a dead end. His words were some of the most comforting offered to me as I was overcoming the worst experience of my life. Not even being diagnosed with a life threatening mental illness could steal the summer from my soul.

So I am looking forward to the fall season that starts tomorrow and I am also looking forward to the fall season in my life story whenever that may be. For now, however, I will thoroughly enjoy being 35 and the remaining years to come of my summer season. Whatever is your favorite season I hope you will cherish it with gusto. Whatever season you are in in your life story I sincerely hope you are giving thanks on all days and not merely on Thanksgiving.

Look forward to today, tomorrow and what seasons may come.

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