Keep Burning Bright

One light burning casts out the darkness. This light could be a match struck or a light bulb from a living room lamp turned on. My savior described himself as the light of the world.

I’ll boldly state that I used to walk in darkness. What is the darkness to humanity? I believe it is things like self-pity, loneliness, hatred, melancholy, bitterness, anger and giving up. Darkness has to do with despair. My divorce from the darkness happened when I was eighteen years young.

What is the light to humanity? It is the good stuff! It’s things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. The list from the previous sentence is from the book of Galations in the New Testament part of the Bible. That list of good stuff helped to light up my soul when I was a teenager. It helped make a man out of me. It helped to save me from despair and from my old self. Christ is the greatest light I’ve ever known.

One day I hope to God to sit down with the outcasts of this world in a better world I cannot currently comprehend. I hope all of the losers from the Holy Bible are there; I hope they are still joyful for taking hold of the second chance Jesus offered them and offers everybody else also. All people are loved by God and we all have remarkable value simply because we were born and joined the party of life.

Look for light in your life and be a light to others. Faith, hope, and love will always make us beautiful. The darkness can scoff at the light. Keep burning bright anyway.

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