Go Have a Dragon’s Milk Stout

A special sort of appreciation ought to be given to the ones in our lives who have loved us unconditionally and have always been there for us throughout it all. When I was a small boy, dealing with asthma, my father would wake me in the middle of the night to hand off my inhaler to me because I was having an asthma attack. My dad has been there for all of my graduations. We have the pictures to prove it. When I was diagnosed with bipolar my father visited me every day I was in the hospital. Mom came with him. I don’t believe anyone else had parents or family or friends that visited them daily. My dad has always been there with a camera and a smile for myself and our family. In two days Dad will turn 62!

In honor of Dad’s birthday our family has already made a trip to St. Louis for a movie, some shopping, and some excellent food. On Thursday more celebrating will commence. There is an art to getting excited about and enjoying all our days we live. My dad has helped me to master this art form. I chose and choose a happy and joyful life. Seeing his Christian example of what this sort of life looks like I believe helped me find a faith of my own at a young age. For this I am forever grateful.

I wish Jay Brooks a happy birthday that matches his happy life! He has always been the world’s greatest father. I have tried like heaven to be a good son. All of our friends and family will not be there cheering for us at all times. Honestly, many of them will stop cheering in our corner entirely before our race is finished. If you have someone in your life story who has always cheered for you and who continues cheering for you then let that individual know how much they mean to you. Because this can be one seriously mean and fickle world.

Happy early birthday, Dad! Cheers to you for always being present for me throughout it all. Go have a Dragon’s Milk stout!

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