Sometimes I Mess Up My Lines

Wisdom can be difficult to find. I have played the role of the fool and the wise man in my life’s story. I was not born with a desire to follow Christ. As a boy dealing with undiagnosed bipolar and the woes of being a teenager I needed wisdom desperately. I opened up a Holy Bible when I was seventeen years young and began to read it with an open mind and heart. In many ways I have never looked back.

A life of faith is complicated. Although whose life isn’t complicated? I would rather build my life on Jesus than anything or anyone else. It is so enticing for people to build their lives on what they can see or who is in their family or circle of friends. It is so hard to build a life on that which we cannot see. Faith is more mysterious than some Christian believers give it credit for being. I wholeheartedly respect that people think Christianity is crazy. It is crazy. But crazy stories can also be true stories. Honestly, I do not want to live in a world without the miraculous. And I view every new day as a miracle.

I fought so hard to learn how to play the part of the wise man. The fool’s role had left me hopeless. The evening I gave my life to Christ I knew in my soul there’d be no going back. It would not matter how badly I might mess up my lines or how many more sins I would commit because I knew that my faith was authentic. This life of faith is what makes me who I am.

Wisdom can be hard to find, but it is worth searching for.


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