Kind Souls Wanted

What a joy it is to feel included. The bullies of our childhood days were experts on excluding people. They viewed some as cool while others failed to make the cool kid crew. I love it when I am invited to a social event or to a friend’s home or out for pizza or to a movie or to a bookstore or to just about anything really. A joyful feeling is born in my soul when I know and feel that I am welcome.

Be the one who includes others. Be the friendly kid or adult on the playground or in the office. An especially wonderful act is when the outsider is included. See the ones that others choose to not see. All of the human family needs kindness and a helping hand from our fellow man.

Don’t be a bully. This world already has enough part-time and full-time mean-spirited bullies. Show love to the ones others see as unlovely. Instead of kicking someone when they are down offer a hand to help them up on their feet instead. Bullying doesn’t end after junior high school. This is sad and true. Practice the courage of love rather than the cowardice of cruelty. Be kind to the unkind.

Practice the art of inclusivity. See the poor in spirit and the financially poor. We have all played the part of the beggar at some point in our lives. Mercy and love should start conversations and finish them also. And if you are upset about all of the meanness going on in the world then make up your mind to be the kindest soul you can possibly be.


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