Snowstorms and Christmas Records

It snowed today in St. Louis and Carbondale and many other places around the midwest according to the weather report on local news. This snow would not have been a big deal if I had been in the comfort of my own home and did not have anywhere I had to be today other than my house. The snow, however, did feel like a big deal because I was in St. Louis this morning and I needed to return to Carbondale today.

Do you recall how exciting snow was when you were a child? I certainly do! Snow lead to snowball fights or perhaps sledding or a day off of school or hot chocolate or something else equally wonderful and glorious. Today I did not feel like snow equalled anything glorious or wonderful. No, on this day, the snow was an obstacle from St. Louis to Carbondale.

I am exceedingly happy to report my parents and I made it back home through the treacherous inclement weather. A shout out to my father for his excellent driving skills! Yes, as a boy, snow was exciting. However, now it is just terrifying. My parents and I saw several cars that had spun out of control and gone off into ditches alongside the road. One cannot be too careful whenever driving through snowy or icy conditions.

Today’s experience from St. Louis to Carbondale was like the story of all of our lives. Sometimes our circumstances are terrifying. In these times we can keep driving or persevering or pray or pull over to a hotel for safety’s sake or do whatever it is that gets us home or to our destination. The important thing through the snowstorms of our lives is that we do not give up or lose heart.

Now that I’m home, and probably also because of the snow, I decided to spin a Christmas album. Yes, I know I’m a little early. I just played side A of Christmas Party by She and Him. I’m about to play side B now. Enjoy this season with all of its excitement and terror while never losing heart.

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