And Keep Spinning Joyfully

This season I’ve begun to send out Christmas cards and buy presents and spin holiday vinyl records. I gave thanks on Thanksgiving like I do every other day of the year. It was tremendous fun to catch up with family recently. And four day weekends are always a great time. This afternoon I have relaxed at home after breakfast out with a friend and then church following breakfast. I am in love with life and the true spirit of the Christmas season.

Christmas cards and presents are best when given out of a joyful spirit. I give them out because I want to do so. I’ve been giving out pop-up Christmas cards since Christmas 2008. These pop-ups are by Robert Sabuda who also creates pop-up books. One of my favorite elements of this season is passing out the pop-ups. Honestly, I give out more cards than presents around Christmastime. Friends and family are more likely to receive an unexpected gift from me at at unexpected time than on Christmas Eve or morning. Gift giving is a wonderful pastime. I just prefer the element of surprise during one of the other eleven months out of the year.

Music is an art form I’ve always enjoyed. Over the past four years I have been collecting vinyl records after I received a Crosley record player for Christmas 2015. One of the first records was a present from my father. It was and is A Very She and Him Christmas. Four years later and this album never grows old. It is timeless.

The greatest hits that life has to offer never grow old. Kindness never grows old. Forgiveness will never be obsolete. Love will always be at the top of the charts. Hope will always be of value to those who have it and those who desperately seek it. Mercy given and received will keep the world from spinning completely out of control. Enjoy the holiday hits of life this Christmas season and all other seasons also.

Give out the card and wrap the present and keep spinning joyfully.

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