The 11 Year Plan Was Not Planned 11 Years Ago

I’ve never been an expert at mapping out my life goals. Five year plans have never been my sort of thing. Life does not often go as planned. Surprises can be marvelous things. I enjoy being pleasantly surprised.

Eleven years ago I did not have an eleven year plan. Although eleven years ago today I was hired to be a full-time employee at a university I love. Southern Illinois University Carbondale has been good to me!

On February 16, 2009 I became a doorman and small store cashier out of Lentz Dining Hall on campus. From the beginning I decided to be the best doorman and cashier I could possibly be. At age 24 I put my heart into my work. This job brought me great joy and a great many friends. To be a good doorman is to be one of the most popular and beloved people in the room. This wonderful job came to an end when I was 30 and I was offered a position that was twelve months a year instead of eight. Lentz Dining Hall did not stay open around Christmastime or during the summer season. At age 30 I needed to begin having an income all year long.

On September 7, 2014 I began working at Key Control for SIUC in an all-year-long position. I have put my heart into this job also. I’ll be 36 in a couple of months and I am still loving SIUC and Key Control and campus life.

The college life has been kind to me, so I’ve stuck around for the last fourteen years, including my time as a student studying English (Creative Writing). SIUC has been full of wonder and wonderful surprises. Eleven years ago I did not have a five year plan or an eleven year plan. I prefer to enjoy each new day, while making the best of it, and see where it takes me.

My only rock solid plan for the rest of my life is to keep living with wholehearted joy and to work hard to never lose this joy.

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