A Rebellious Courage

Be yourself! The idea of being true to ourselves is an easy one to talk about. It’s far more difficult to successfully accomplish. Peer pressure doesn’t end after high school. The crowd doesn’t stop pressuring the individual in college. I will soon be 36 years of age and the crowd still goes one way and I still travel the opposite direction. I’ve become better over the years at being myself. Years of practice and perseverance and prayer and overcoming have led me to a better version of myself. Life has been an excellent adventure so far.

Jesus was a rebel and Christianity is a rebellious faith. It takes a rebel’s courage to take up one’s cross to follow Christ. Christ taught that people should lose their lives for the sake of Him and the gospel story in order to save their lives. A walk of faith was everything except for easy for me in the beginning.

I attained a new identity because of faith in Jesus and I lost a great deal of sin and selfishness. Love is what I run on. It’s the fuel for my soul. The only person I try to be better than is the man I was yesterday. To be a Christian is to sometimes be misunderstood or thought of as a fool. When this occurs it is my job to keep on loving and forgiving anyway. It’s my occupation to live at peace with all of my fellow life travelers.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe I encourage you to think for yourself and to be true to yourself. Don’t give in to the peer pressure or follow the crowd if you aren’t interested in what they’re interested.

This world needs people to be brave and to be who they would most like to be.

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