Caution and Common Sense

Humanity often deals with fear through extreme panic or flippant disbelief. What is happening in our world and nation currently is frightening. I am 35 years of age and I have never lived through times like these before. Entertainment is not life. If cancelling sporting events and concerts and schools means a matter of life or death for anyone then I vote to cancel and I vote in favor of life. This is no time for me to engage in flippant disbelief. Equally this is not a time for me to allow fear to lead me down a path of extreme panic.

I was born with the devastating disease of the mind commonly referred to as bipolar disorder. I was also born with asthma. Asthma and bipolar have never been my friends. Each tried in its way to destroy me. As a boy I would have to get asthma shots at the local clinic once per week and my father would often have to wake me in the dark of the night with my inhaler so I could breath well again. As a young man I was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar. I will be on daily medicine for the rest of my life as I have been since age 19.

Although I thank my faith and my doctors and my medicines that I am telling you this story. My life is beautiful. It just hasn’t always been so easy. The virus making its way throughout our world is as serious as bipolar and asthma have been to me. Let us not pretend it is the joke of the month or act like entertainments being cancelled is the equivalent of an apocalypse.

I believe in prayer and Jesus and everyday miracles and common sense. Although no prayer ever saved me from bipolar or asthma. Let’s listen to the experts on our TV’s and not lie to ourselves while coming up with our own conspiracy theories. I believe the Holy Trinity are good for human beings, but so is common sense. The ideas of social distancing and large events being cancelled are good ones.

Let us not live with panic and disbelief. Let’s live with caution and common sense.

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