Let’s Not Settle for Sorrow

Depression is complicated and often misunderstood. I have been depressed before because of my own moral failures. This sort of depression does not require medicine for healing. No, it requires perhaps an apology and a personal desire for me to be a better version of myself next time. Then there is sadness, or depression, that comes around because of life events that are outside of our control. An example of this would be when a grandmother or grandfather passes away from old age. I’ve spent a great amount of my life’s story analyzing depression because I have manic depression (bipolar disorder).

I am a joyful and happy man. I rejoice amidst the odds of manic-depressive illness stacked against me. The happiest people choose to be happy and to fight for their joyful worldview.

Although I will be honest right now and state, as we all already know, that some majorly depressing stuff has currently made our world sick. Many of us are doing what we can to help heal our world from this virus. We’re staying home, wearing masks when we do go out, washing our hands frequently and perhaps even praying more than usual. What is currently making people depressed, or making their depression worse than usual, is a pandemic that nobody ordered.

I wanted to encourage anyone and everyone who is frightened and depressed. This is no simple task. Life is not easy right now. We miss our friends. We miss our social lives. We miss the normal we had just a month or so ago. In this time of missing let us not lose our hope! Let’s keep up hope for humanity!

As a teenager I dealt with melancholy. It was horrific. I did not know I had manic depression at age sixteen or seventeen. No, I did not receive an official diagnosis until I was almost twenty years of age. But manic depression taught me a great life lesson before I ever even knew I had it. It taught me how to look for the best in life. It taught me to look for the best in others and to always try to be the best version of myself I could possibly be. It led me to an unshakeable strong Christian faith at age eighteen. My divorce from melancholy happened so long ago I’ve almost forgotten what it felt like to feel hopeless. Let’s not let the horrific win this war in our lives and in our worldview and in our beings. I hope you will join me in the fight to be an encourager while also being encouraged yourself. There is much to be depressed about currently, but let us not settle for melancholy or sorrow.

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