Looking Forward to 36

I believe in celebrating life daily. Pessimism need not pester me. Melancholy can go to hell. I press on against depression. Life is beautiful. There are many detours in our lives that can cause us to lose sight of its beauty. I hope and I pray if we take these detours we soon get back on the right path.

Friendships greatly enrich my life. I’ve aimed to be as pleasant and as kind as I can possibly be for many years now. All of my adult life I’ve persevered to be the change I desire to see in our troubled world. To be a good man has been the number one goal in my life’s story. Goodness has won me many great friends. For this I rejoice and am remarkably thankful.

We all get one day out of each year that is all about us. What do we do with our one day dedicated to the celebration that we showed up and are alive? Do we state that it is merely another day? Do we say that birthdays are no big deal ’cause we are getting older? Do we believe that all of that celebrating is kids stuff and we grew out of it now that we are no longer kids? Or do we say that sort of pessimism is all nonsense and let’s get the party started?!

Truly, I don’t believe that any new day is just another day. I have yet to live the same day twice! My days are unique as I am unique. And I am blessed to get the one day out of three hundred and sixty-six this year where my beloved friends and family say, Jonathon, we’re glad you showed up on the scene. We are glad you were born. Our world would not have been the same without you. You make this world a better place.

So, I am saying all of this to say this now. I turn 36 this Sunday. Your continued friendship is the only gift I desire. Let’s keep the lifelong joyful party going!

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