Young Samuel

The boy had heard before that the nice guys always are the last ones to journey across that finish line. Young Samuel wondered if this statement was also the fact of the day for shy guys. ‘Cause if the statement was the truth for nice and shy dudes then he suspected he might not ever cross the line. Samuel, the young and kind and shy, is age fourteen with a whole lot of heart and a whole lot of life before him. It is his first day of high school.

Would there be bullies? And would they bully him? What about older women who were Sophomores or Juniors or Seniors? If Samuel smiled their direction then might they return the favor? It was only two hours into the first day of the next four years. Graduation day was only an eternity away.

Freshman Samuel sat down for his English class as the other peers coasted in with confidence. How did they attain this easy-going swagger? It probably amounted to a year or two or three of practice, thought Samuel. He knew he was the fresh fish and he currently felt like a fish out of water.

A young lady sat down next to Samuel. Samuel found her to be exceptionally lovely. Should he boldly smile at her? In this moment, however, he did not overthink the idea of the smile. No, he just smiled his most joyful grin. He forgot about his shyness. Then he even forgot about the old cliche about nice guys finishing last. Then he did something truly brave and he introduced himself to the young lady he found to be so lovely.

The lovely young lady had a name and it was Samantha. Samuel and Samantha laughed about how they were both named Sam when their names were shortened. Samantha was a Freshman also. She’d just moved to town over the summer. Samuel asked his new friend if she believed that nice guys finish last.

Samantha laughed and said that a mean person probably made up that saying centuries ago to make himself feel less bad about what a mean man he was.

Samuel smiled and told Samantha that high school might not be an eternity after all.

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