Pen Pals

This flash fiction story was originally drafted on a 1946 Smith-Corona typewriter.


Charlie had received a brand new fancy pen as a Christmas gift. Now he was in need of some paper and a pen pal. Who would make for the perfect pen pal? That was the serious question. Charlie thought about writing to his mom or dad. But he talked to them every new day. Mom and Dad were definitely not pen pal material. The boy was a hopeful romantic. What he needed was a young lady to write to. Now that would be amazing and astounding.

Sadly, Charlie did not believe most of the girls at school would appreciate his artistic endeavors. Twelve is often times an immature age. Charlie needed a mature young lady to be his pen pal. Then he thought of his friend Rebecca.

Rebecca was like a rainbow after the storm. She was chocolate chip mint ice cream when all others were simply vanilla. If she were a novel she would have been his favorite book. Charlie thought that there just aren’t enough people like Rebecca in existence. She was his greatest friend, and now she would be his great pen pal.

The mahogany pen was now poised above the paper. The letter was about to begin. But first Charlie had to journey to find a cup of water because he had worked up a thirst plotting his letter. He found the kitchen and guzzled two glasses of water straight down. Then he was back to the task of being the world’s greatest pen pal in the entire history of the universe.

His pen connected with the paper in a brilliant mix of black ink and white paper.

Dear Rebecca,

Have I ever told you that you are a mint chocolate chip ice cream kind of girl in a vanilla ice cream world? Because seriously you really are. You are always so kind to me at school. Other kids dish out frowns like they are being paid to do so. But you serve up smiles that are so sweet and sincere. You always make me laugh and you even laugh at my lame jokes when no one else does. For this I thank you and am forever grateful. So I hope this letter makes you smile and that you will consider being my pen pal. Rebecca, you and I are not vanilla ice cream. I am chocolate chip cookie dough and you are mint chocolate chip. The vanilla ice cream people might not understand us or our pen pal letters or even our friendship. But I do not care anything about any of that middle school nonsense. Thank you for not being vanilla and please write back soon.

Your Friend,


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