The Music Corner

Music greatly enriches my life. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my basement recently listening to CD’s and vinyl records on my Crosley Rochester music machine. It’s been a wonderful time.

What I most connect with in music is the lyrics the singer-songwriters pen. I love experiencing their stories. Often I will read the lyrics as I listen to the songs. This helps me enjoy the music more and I also believe it helps me to be a better listener. Our world is in need of more good listeners. Many of us know how to tell our story. But how many of us truly know how to always listen to the stories of others?

Lately I’ve been listening to the music of Sam Cooke, The Beach Boys, Vampire Weekend, Dixie Chicks, Run Kid Run, The Insyderz, Cat Stevens, Louis Armstrong, The Ataris, MXPX, The Chieftains, Hawk Nelson, The Weavers, The Bouncing Souls, She & Him, Relient K, Matt Maher, Mumford and Sons, Lecrae, Herman’s Hermits and many others. My taste in music is eclectic. I love all different types of tunes.

If anyone ever writes a song about my life I sincerely hope it is the happiest song you’ve ever heard. I hope the lyrics inspire you. I hope you love every second of the three or four minute long track. I hope you love it as much the fiftieth time you hear it as you did the very first time.

The corner where my Crosley Rochester dwells is an excellent corner to be in. I hope you have your favorite hobbies and favorite corners as well. And I hope if anyone ever writes a song about you and your life that it is beautiful and timeless and spun often.

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