Let’s Be Reader Aficionados

Books have been good to me. I became an enthusiastic reader around age 19. As a boy I did not value books or have a great desire to read them. I suppose I was too busy making the mistakes of boyhood and thinking I knew so much already that I did not need books in my life’s story. At age 36 I need books like oxygen. I need the knowledge and pleasure and entertainment and wisdom that comes from books. My life’s story is in desperate need of books.

I’m always in search of my next great read. The next book up could be a memoir or a young adult novel or a science fiction tale or perhaps a story of inspirational Christian faith. It is exciting to me, just like the reading of books, to always be planning the next book to be read. My home is full of books because my father and I collect them. There is a lot of reading yet to be read in our house. I’m always ready to turn the next page.

I set a reading goal each new January and I often average around 38 books per year read. Although I collect books I am also a great fan of giving books away as gifts. If I am able to think of a friend that might enjoy a novel I just finished then I will joyfully surprise them with it when next we meet. This might even bring me greater joy than them.

Books are a way to make one’s imagination grow. My imagination has benefitted much more from novels read than from any TV show watched or video game played. Two of the first books I ever read because I simply wanted and chose to read a book were Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The book explaining Christianity led me to imagine a greater and happier life through faith in Christ. And Bradbury’s most famous science fiction novel was the book that helped lead to the other 600 books or so I have read since then. Thank you Mr. Lewis and thank you Mr. Bradbury!

When I hear someone say that they hate to read or that they don’t have time for book reading I believe that either they just never gave reading a true chance to begin with or they are lying to themselves. Human beings make time for what we love. I hope that you love to read or that you start to love reading. No television show or video game has ever changed my life’s story for the better. But there are books that have.

Let’s be reader aficionados!

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