As We All Journey Joyfully Together

I finished reading a great book the other day titled The Hilarious World of Depression. The author of this book, John Moe, also hosts a popular podcast by the same title. The book was released earlier this month and I ordered my copy about four days after its publication date. It’s one of my favorite books read so far this year.

The book is a memoir with stories from guests on the podcast also. The podcast and the memoir are about talking about mental health issues that are difficult to talk about. I love books that address mental illness with hope and optimism and humor. I’ve known I have bipolar disorder (manic depression) since I was age 19. Since that age and revelation I’ve studied up on bipolar and I’ve continued to fight hard to have a happy life and share this joy with other fellow life travelers. Oh, and I have also taken my daily medicines every new day along the way. Talking about mental illness is a truly brave occupation to undertake.

I recommend The Hilarious World of Depression book and podcast to any and all that have mental health issues or love someone who does. A choice I made at age 19 was to tell my story unashamedly and with moxie. I have never been ashamed of having bipolar. The moment I would become ashamed of that which I did not choose then bipolar would have me instead of me having bipolar. Although my primary reason for speaking out about mental illness is to help others who are struggling. This is what the book is all about. And that is why it’s an important and inspiring read.

Whatever our stories are I hope we share them with unashamed moxie in order to help make our world a happier place. If you and I talk openly about mental illness then someone else might feel inspired to do so also. And then on and on and on this inspiration can travel as we all journey joyfully together.

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