The Best Seat in the House

Do you have a favorite room or perhaps a favorite chair in your home? Do you sometimes discover a new favorite place to hang out around your house? I recently discovered a new reading room at my place. It is a wonderful room full of old photographs and collectibles. Years ago it was my grandmother’s bedroom.

In this room there are two golden colored chairs that match. I’ve adopted one of them as my new cool reading spot. The lights in this golden chair room are fantastic. I find it hard to concentrate on paying attention or reading in a dimly lit room. So this is a great room for me and my love of literature.

Take time to appreciate your favorite places or your favorite people or your favorite pastimes. The old saying goes, Live each day like it is your last. This is a pretty good statement. Although I would prefer to live each new day like it is the greatest new beginning in the history of incredible beginnings. If I really knew today was my exit from my life’s story I would be rushed and terrified. I prefer to travel at a steady pace with joy for the journey.

The more an individual practices the art of gratitude the more that person discovers to be grateful for. Look for life in the smallest of places! Discover life in photographs and old chairs and new friendships and classic books and rooms around the house that you might’ve previously neglected. When we look for the beautiful stuff life has to offer we always find it.

Keep discovering!

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