New Ties and Bowling Balls and Father’s Day

My family is always looking for a good reason to celebrate life. Christmas and birthdays and holidays of all sorts are cause for rejoicing and cheer. So this weekend is a big deal of course. Tomorrow is Father’s Day! I guess this means it’s time for many to get their dad a new tie or bowling ball. Whatever the present or presents might be; the true gift is that of a great father.

I’ve always had a friendship with my father. He has always been cheering me on in my corner. If I send him a text message then I always know there will be a speedy reply. If I have a major life achievement then I can be certain he’ll be there to smile and take my smiling pictures. If I am sad then he’ll offer words of hope and wisdom. If I’m happy then I know he’ll be joyful too. When I’ve been at the bottom of my life’s story he was there and the same is true when I was on top of the mountain. Examples such as this are what make for an excellent dad.

Dad and I love to collect and listen to vinyl records. So I got him a couple for his day. One is by John Prine and the other is by Norah Jones. The John Prine album has arrived and the other is on the way. I guess Dad will have to wait until next Father’s Day to get that new bowling ball or tie.

If you have an awesome dad then let him know how you feel about his awesomeness! Let us not ever take those who truly love and care for us for granted. An authentic friendship and a good relationship between a father and a son is cause for rejoicing and celebration. An old saying states, “You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” This preceding sentence might prove true for many. Although it absolutely does not ring a bell of truth for me and my gratitude for having what the tshirts would refer to as The World’s Greatest Dad.

Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all of the dads. Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to my dad, Jay Brooks. If I ever become a father then I hope to be as good at the job as he is.


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