You Might Just Save a Life

I refuse to live my life in fear and foolishness. Through the years I have fought hard to live as wisely as I possibly can. I learned as a boy that I am far from invincible and that life is a fragile gift best handled with care instead of recklessness. There’s a whole lot of bad in this old world and not one of us members of the human family has an immunity to the bad.

People are often prone to having invincibility complexes. We all know that the bad stuff the world has to offer is out there floating around somewhere, but we then choose to believe it won’t get to us because we are so special or smart or because we’ve lived such wholesome, or clean, lives. Our invincibility complexes lie to us. These lies can prove disastrous or even deadly.

The virus that has plagued our country and world is no laughing matter. For a few months now I’ve been spending a lot of time in my home basement enjoying books and music. Lately, as I’ve gotten out some, I’ve been wearing a mask. From all the way back in March I did not think the coronavirus jokes were funny. And anyone that knows me well knows I love to make jokes and laugh. Let us wear our masks and social distance and let us not lie to ourselves and say that this virus is in the past.

If we let go of our invincibility complexes we might just save a life. We might get some extra books read in 2020. We might discover some great new musicians. We might miss out, for a little while, on our favorite bars and restaurants. And it might all be worth it and wise.

Cheers to life and wisdom and getting over our selfishness and invincibility complexes!

3 thoughts on “You Might Just Save a Life

  1. Not just our lives that are fragile, friends to are fragile, like bobbles on a Christmas tree they bring us joy when we are in their presence, but must be looked after, drop them and they will break and can never be put back together again, please look after your friends even during these difficult times.

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