What is the Good Word?

Throughout my lifetime there has always been a sentence I’ve heard my dad say. One of my earliest memories is of Dad saying, “What is the good word?” Although here is the great part about the good word. Dad is still saying it and one never knows what the answer, or good word of the day, might be.

To me the idea of the good word is similar to the idea of a friendly smile or a kind word or even something as simple as an Hello, friend. Our world is full of bad words and bad ideas and wrongdoing and evil. So let’s hear it for something good and for the good word of the day.

What is the good word or good words in your life’s story for today? It could be a word like congratulations or outstanding or excellent or righteous or even perhaps hallelujah. How about a good sentence for the day like: Congratulations and hallelujah on your outstanding and excellent and righteous attitude today. If it is ever difficult to think of a good word or sentence to describe today then perhaps the good word could be Tomorrow.

I don’t intend to let the bad ruin my life. I will always love the good word or the goodness each and every new day has to offer. People who look for the good in life find it. Life can be incredibly difficult at times and on certain days, but then there is tomorrow.

If I could choose just one good word for you and I, it would be the following: Rejoice!

5 thoughts on “What is the Good Word?

  1. Today’s good word…I took a fun drive with my chihuahua through Giant City Park today. We took a pit stop to walk around the woods. The trees had good energy around them. It was a good place to be.

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