The Unique Drummer

Last week I was joyful and grateful to have my first story published since 2015. I’ve been writing short stories and blogs since my freshman year of college. Every now and then I’ll send off one of my stories for possible publication. And every then and now the rejection letter, or e-mail, will come back a month or so later. But this time, last Thursday, was a different story for this storyteller!

I was and am so thrilled to be a part of the premiere issue of CentraLit Magazine. Authors desire to have their words read and enjoyed and appreciated by an audience. Throughout the last week many friends have informed me that they liked my short story, Joseph’s Gift. Knowing that anyone and someone enjoyed a work of fiction I created makes my day complete.

If you are an artist of any sort I encourage you to keep creating. Keep painting. Keep drawing. Keep scribbling. Keep picking up that banjo or bass guitar. Keep on creating! Ray Bradbury said regarding writing, “You fail only if you stop writing.” I’ve read that his stories received rejection letters for eight years before one of his stories was finally accepted. Aren’t all Bradbury fans thankful that he did not give up after year seven of disappointing letters?

And if you are an artist, whose work is accepted and appreciated and loved, I hope it goes to your heart instead of anywhere else. I aim to never compare my writing to anyone else’s writings. I want to dance to the beat of my own unique drummer. Lots of folks can tell or write great stories. But can they tell it or pen it the exact same way that you can?

Celebrate art and originality. Don’t stop. Keep on dancing.

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