A Hopeful and Happy Ending

Sad stories are my least favorite sort of stories. I can deal with the sorrow in the beginning or in the middle of the story, but a sad ending spoils the whole book for me. Give me a sweet or bittersweet or hopeful or happy ending. As a Christian man I refuse to settle for a sorrowful tragedy as the plot line to my life’s story.

It is difficult to be creative, or productive, when sad. The temptation is to sink deeper and deeper into despair and buy the lie that life is meaningless. Manic depressive illness has shown me despair on more than one occasion. Where does one go when they’ve truly hit bottom? Those are varying plot lines for different sorts of characters. I went to Jesus and I’ve never been ashamed of that choice.

An hour ago, thirty minutes ago even, I was in a bit of a sad mood and did not feel like writing anything this evening. There’s a whole lot of ugly in this crooked world and sometimes this ugliness weighs me down. In my sad mood I realized that the wisest thing I could do would be do something anyway. I realized I should write this blog because I am certainly not alone in our world’s sorrow.

Although this is not a sad blog post. Look back at paragraph one. Sad stories are not what I live and love for. So I wish you an excellent Thursday and weekend ahead. I wish that you and I refuse to sing sad songs our whole lives long. I wish you the utmost of happiness and joy! If you are one of the ones who believes they do not deserve happiness and joy then I pray you cease purchasing the lie that life is meaningless. I pray you find your joyful smile and never lose it. Truly, this writing is about joy and not sorrow.

Insert a hopeful and happy ending here.

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