Don’t Forget the Postage Stamp

Notes expressing gratitude seem to be a thing of the past for a lot of us these days. The handwritten note of friendship or thanks has been replaced by the e-mail and the text message. Yes, the handwritten note might possibly be dead for most of us, but it is not dead to me. Just earlier today I wrote a thank-you note to a friend.

I’ve saved all of my birthday cards received since I was nineteen years young. Honestly, I’ve saved cards of all sorts since around that age. I have old shoe boxes full of Christmas and birthday and friendship and get-well-soon cards. I appreciate that someone thought so much of me to let me know through a card or note how much they valued me.

It can be tremendous fun to enjoy a form of communication that takes more time and is more difficult and even costly than the e-mail or text message. If you ever write me a letter, I promise I’ll save it forever. Note or letter writing is an art form that is still practiced by some.

If something had value 100 years ago then it still has value today. Just look at how vinyl record players and Polaroid cameras have made their comeback! If it was cool way back when then it can and will be cool again. So think about writing someone a letter or fancy note sometime just to tell them thanks or to let them know that you appreciate their friendship. And don’t forget the postage stamp before you drop it in the mailbox.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Postage Stamp

  1. I live in a sheltered housing complex and most of my neighbours are people now in their late 70 early 80 and look upon me as their handyman when it comes to wee jobs like putting together a piece of flat pack furnished. I always receive a little card to say thank you, they are nice to receive.

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