Mocha Flavored Coffee for the Monday Holiday Win

It is important in our busy lives to slow down and rest. Today is my final day of a four day weekend from my job. A three day weekend is wonderful but a four day celebration is even better. Currently I am having some morning coffee in a large green mug shaped liked a barrel. I’m enjoying it.

Where do you find rest or peace in life? I often find rest through my hobbies and doing the things I love. Peace I have found through a life of Christian faith and trying to be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday. Reading and writing and listening to music bring me rest and peace of mind. For others a hike out in nature might bring these things. Perhaps watching a sporting event or having a beer brings rest to some. All of us need to slow down and remember to enjoy our lives as they fly by.

I just took another gulp of the coffee from the green mug. I believe it is mocha flavored today. And I know I like mocha. Mocha for the Monday holiday win!

Let’s rest on this Labor Day. Let’s do something today that we love that perhaps we don’t get to do all the time. Celebrations in our lives are all around us if we have eyes and hearts to see them.

5 thoughts on “Mocha Flavored Coffee for the Monday Holiday Win

  1. During the winter of discontent in the UK the country went onto a three day week, strange as it may seem we produced more in three days (as a country) than we did in five. I have to this day never understood why the unions did not jump on that fact and call for a three-day working week. When you think about it If people have more time off they will not sit at home, they will go out and enjoy that time with family and friends, posting the economy. It would have been a no-brainer.

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