2,000 Books Later

I’m one book away from reaching my 2020 reading goal! The goal for this year was set on January the first for 30 books. 29 books later and I’m turning the next pages. My new unofficial goal after book 30 will be set at 42 books. I must read on!

All things books related interest and fascinate me. Buying books and gifting books and reading books brings me tremendous joy. I average around 38 books read per year. The English major from my college days still lives on and still has all his bookmarks from throughout the years.

My favorite item to give as a gift is a book I’ve previously read and enjoyed. And being given a book as a present truly means so much to me. The story of my life is a happy one and I like the happy stories the best. More hope and redemption and comebacks and joy please! Reading and writing enriched and continue to enrich my life.

Perhaps we are only a book or a chapter away from our life stories changing direction for the better. A good book is read and enjoyed, but perhaps the greatest of books read us right back. Young adult literature is some of my favorite stuff because I can see myself in the struggling or troubled teenager who has incredibly difficult odds stacked against them. Often these characters overcome and I am so happy for them. The characters might be fiction, but I know how that sort of difficulty feels.

Setting goals can help keep us on track. I’ve set yearly reading goals for around ten years now. Some years I did not finish strong; I did not meet my goal. Although I enjoyed the books I did read! Honestly, no one else except for me was too concerned about whether I met the goal or not anyway. In my lifetime I hope to read 2,000 books. Currently according to my goodreads page I am at 649. I must keep my bookmarks ready and keep turning the pages!

If you have a favorite book then please feel free to share its title with me. It’s always great fun to talk favorite stories with friends. And keep on pursuing any and all goals in your life’s story.

8 thoughts on “2,000 Books Later

  1. May I suggest “Black Diamond: Bubba’s Story” by LightHouse Verner. (me). It is the tragic biography of my son, Jordan, who at 29 years old lost his battle with his Demons and bipolar disorders. He hung himself on Christmas Morning.
    Although it is his biography, the main focus of the works is to help raise awareness of the broken children’s social and welfare systems. They are definitely doing more damage than repair.

    Not today Not today!

  2. I love your insight on books reading us back! I also love young adult novels, though I am no longer their target audience. My favorite young adult book is Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and I have made a point to reread it every year since I was 15, and it is just as impactful to me as an adult as it was the first time I read it. Aside from Young Adult, though, my favorite novel is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. I love that book so much, I own 3 different editions!!

  3. Jonathon always gives the best books as gifts! I enjoy reading your blog as always and you are such an inspiration, my friend! You make me want to read and write more and pull out my inner creativity!

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