The Premiere Day of Fall

It is the first day of fall and I feel cool about it. I don’t often write at 5:00 AM, but here I am with two cups of coffee down, and now I’m seeing what exactly I have to say. Fall weather is a favorite of mine. I am ready for my green and red American Giant hoodies once again.

I recently attained my reading goal for 2020 of 30 books. Now I’m at 32 and reading on. Perhaps in 2021 I’ll also set a writing goal of 30 short stories. Similar to many writers, I find it difficult to make the time for writing on a regular basis. I make time for my love of reading but I don’t always do the same for my love of writing. Although I won’t be putting my pens away anytime soon.

Some events that I’m looking forward to are another Record Store Day this Saturday and my father’s birthday celebrations a month from now. Other exciting news is I was recently informed that a second short story of mine is to be published by CentraLit Magazine. Joyful is the appropriate word to describe how I feel about this. To get my stories to the world is worth so remarkably much to me and causes tremendous happiness in my soul. And, oh yes, I’m also looking forward to pumpkin ales and pumpkin spice coffee again. Falling into fall is my plan for the season.

I find that life, every new day, makes me happy and joyful. I attempt to always be the best version of me that I can be. When I sin, or fall short, I turn to Jesus once again like I’ve been doing for the last 19 years in my life’s story. Find the happy in life! Enjoy all the seasons even on bitter cold days or scorching hot ones. There are always reasons to rejoice. This world can weigh us down or we can choose to accept the lightness of grace. I aim to choose wisely.

It is the premiere day of fall and I feel good.

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