You Are My Cup of Tea

People love to laugh. A good sense of humor is a great thing to have. Part of the fun of being a Christian is the joy it brings to my life. If I wanted to settle for melancholy or sorrow I never would’ve put my faith in Jesus. A sad life was available without faith in Christ. As a boy I grew tired of that life. So I accepted a second chance and became a man. My faith saved me and gave me something to smile and be joyful about.

I believe a problem with Christians and churches at times is that the focus is on judgement instead of grace. Sometimes a sermon can seem like 99% gloom and then a mere 1% of grace tossed in within the last three minutes of the ninety minute message. Although, personally, I would’ve sat up and left around minute fifteen of a pessimistic or gloom and doom sermon. But that’s just how I feel about that sort of thing.

Our world needs more laughter and joy and smiles and kindness and goodwill! The Christian individual ought to preach with their lives and sometimes even their words 100% grace with no judgmental attitude served up. Humanity in general ought to live this way no matter what they believe or do not believe.

As a teenager I was told by a jury of my peers that I had a good sense of humor. It meant everything to me to hear that. I like to make others smile and laugh and know that they’re welcome around me. Perhaps at times someone might label me odd instead of unique. Well, then, I suppose I am simply not their cup of tea as the saying goes. But maybe someone else thinks I am the best sort of tea available. No matter how others perceive me I am absolutely going to keep being myself. And you should be yourself too.

Keep laughing and smiling while knowing on the inside that you are the most delicious brand of tea on the market.

3 thoughts on “You Are My Cup of Tea

  1. “I believe a problem with Christians and churches at times is that the focus is on judgement instead of grace.”
    And we have a perfect example of non-judgement, don’t we.

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