Cheers to What Birthdays Shall Come

I enjoy looking forward to life’s major and minor events. When I have made plans to meet a friend then I’ll look forward to that rendezvous. After ordering books I look forward to their arrival and getting to read them or perhaps save them for a later date. I always look forward to birthday or holiday celebrations. And that line brings me to this one: My father has a birthday to celebrate on Saturday!

We members of the Brooks family do birthdays right! There’ll be a fine dinner and Polaroid pictures and presents and laughter and joy and coconut cream cake. Saturday will be a joyful day! Although shouldn’t all our days have joy in them?

In a year like this one with the pandemic, I’m looking forward to a healthier world again with a vaccine. Even amidst a pandemic, however, we can still have joy. I know this isn’t always easy though. If you have lost someone you loved this year then I am truly sorry for your loss.

The idea of every day being a gift should not only be on inspirational birthday or greeting cards. What if we really live this philosophy? Yes, the bad in life will still storm into our lives uninvited. But we’ll refuse to become sour and we’ll continue to look forward to the good in life.

Happy birthday soon to my father! I know he is also in the habit of looking forward to the minor and major events in his life’s story. Cheers to life and what birthdays shall come!

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