My Favorite Hat With the Red Feather

I’ve worn a variety of hats throughout my life’s story. Personality change and a positive attitude are not easily attained. As a boy I was one person, as a teenager I was someone else, and as a man I’m yet again another version of myself. I used to like baseball caps, however, now I prefer fancier hats.

As a boy I was in love with life naturally. I did not have to try to overcome anything in order to be at peace and have childhood joy. I loved to laugh and smile and have a fun time. All new days held beauty.

As a teenager I lost my joy and my way due to undiagnosed mental illness and a poor attitude and a plethora of sins. When I was 17 years of age I decided to begin praying like my life depended on it. I also began reading the Holy Bible regularly. At 18 I became a Christian man.

As a man I have tremendous joy! I’ve made many good choices to battle the poor ones I used to make. I take my cross up daily to follow Christ. When I was a teenager I would introduce myself as Jon Brooks; but for a long time now I’ve introduced myself as Jonathon Brooks. Jon Brooks was a lost boy. I’m a found, or saved, man.

Humanity is capable of great change for the good. I’m living proof that this is true. Let’s make great life choices and wear the hats that we love the best. By the way, my favorite hat is a houndstooth fedora with a red feather in its side. And, by the way, my favorite version of myself is who I am today instead of long ago or even as a child.

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