Sentimental Souls

I enjoy collecting items of value as I travel through life. Stuff that is significant becomes my treasured possessions. Other stuff, that many would view as insignificant, is also treasured. I know that I’m a sentimental soul because I’ve always been a saver and an individual that wants the good stuff life has to offer to last as long as possible. Sometimes it’s easy to be sentimental and other times it’s tough.

I treasure memories and Polaroids and friendships and CD’s and vinyl records and laughter and smiles and great times and good times and the people in my life that keep on showing up for me. When I lose a friendship it hurts my sentimental soul hard. When I gain a friendship I rejoice wholeheartedly. As a man with bipolar I believe I feel things differently sometimes than those without manic depression. Bipolar can make my emotions a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I always want the good stuff to last forever, but life doesn’t work that way.

Loss is a part of life. This part of life is extra hard on sentimental souls. I care deeply about those I love and those who in return love me. Something I have to do is focus on the good and great times while knowing deep down that these times are the theme songs to the soundtrack of the movie that is my life. The sad songs are also part of my story, but these sorrowful tunes are not the greatest hits collection. The happy and joyful stuff equals the amazing and great songs.

Even though it can be difficult to be a sentimental soul I wouldn’t trade my personality or worldview for anything. I like who I am and who I’ve become and who I am continuing to become. I might feel sorrow and pain deeply but I also laugh louder than anyone else in the room. I hope to keep laughing frequently for all time.

I hope you choose to laugh with me.

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