A Polaroid Picture Worthy Day

Celebrations are good and good for us! My family practices the habit of keeping the party going for holidays and birthdays. I believe in celebrating all new days gifted. Each new day I aim to be better than the day before and have the new greatest day of my life. For me this is the best way to plot my days.

What was one of the happiest days in your life’s story? Has there been a wonderful moment that you recall often with fondness and joy? Or is there one Christmas that topped all of the others? One of my favorite birthdays was when I turned 23 because a friend had my stories published as a surprise present and also because I realized how truly young I was.

Let us celebrate for the applause of angels or the best of friends! The sorrow in our lives will have its say, but I am convinced it won’t get the last laugh or torment. Let’s do the stuff that we love and say pessimism and despair be damned! Dance to the beat of the drummer you find most preferable.

Today was a fun day for my family and I. My mother had a birthday today. There was cake and games and a wonderful dinner and drinks. Mom was happy and so were the rest of us. Today was Polaroid picture worthy.

Happy birthday, Mom!

3 thoughts on “A Polaroid Picture Worthy Day

  1. I believe coronavirus has (because of lockdown and isolation) how important human contact is to us, one we have suppresses the virus to controllable numbers, let us all celebrate, let’s have birthdays, Christmas and holidays all rolled into one.

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