Ideas for Free

Where do writers get their ideas? I recall a friend from church inquiring about this once when she heard that I liked to write. I was much younger in those days and I don’t believe I articulated an answer to the question because I did not know the correct response myself. At the age of almost 37 I think I’m closer to knowing the answer for myself and my scribblings.

Do you pay attention to the story of your life? A little wandering and wondering is good for the soul. Sometimes, however, it’s best to drown out the excess noise and truly focus on what is going on in our worlds. I try to pay attention to the small and large stuff in my life and to do a better job at being me with each new opportunity commonly called today.

I’ve written fiction stories before and realized years later how the story paralleled my own life happenings. At the time of creating the fiction I did not see or realize it at all. Many months later it became clear in my imagination that my imagination was influenced by non-fiction of my personal life story. In Creative Writing 101 it’s taught that one should write what they know. Although beginning writers might not realize how much they already comprehend and know.

Now the question remains. Where does the author get their ideas? The author attains ideas for fiction and non-fiction from anywhere and everywhere. Authors ideas come from the entertainments, heartaches, good experiences, bad choices, best choices, wisdom, folly, time and perseverance commonly referred to as life itself. My life writes its own words. The important step for me to take if I am to be a writer is to sit down, listen, and put in the time and work.

Writing isn’t always easy but it’s always rewarding. If we want to learn more about ourselves and how much we really know about our universes we should put the pen to the paper or our fingers to the computer keys.

Ideas are all around us. Let’s pay attention and tell some stories.

6 thoughts on “Ideas for Free

  1. So true! We are all telling our own lives and perhaps also fulfilling our wishes in our stories. Everything is in that sense a cycle of plagiarism, and yet not because of the distinct difference we perceive things in.

  2. Years ago our English teacher told us there were only 7 stories in the world, and everything that came after that is based on those seven stories. Certainly in movies today we see the same plot played out, in a different genre, and I have seen Robert Readford in at least two films come up behind his co-star, fastened the top button of her dress with the line “You missed a button”.

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